Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Glad We Did It

In my last post, I wrote about how we lowered his crib on Saturday.  We didn't have any reason for doing it  at the time- he had made no attempts to pull up.  We really just did it because we had time and didn't know if we would when he actually started pulling up.  It's a good thing we did because here he is yesterday.

He managed to pull up onto the ottoman as I turned away and pulled that green tray off which had a full glass of water on it.  I obviously didn't learn my lesson because the green tray is still there in the picture.  There is not, however, any water on it.  The tray has since been removed.  Being able to stand up adds a whole new meaning to child-proofing.  I can't wait until he starts walking!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Stop Growing Up

Today was a sad day for me.  As you can see, we lowered Noah's crib.  I am not sure why, but this just made him seem really big to me.  He isn't supposed to be growing up so fast.  I think he was very confused when we put him down tonight.  Hopefully he will figure out how to reach the button to turn on his crib aquarium in the morning.  Otherwise it may be a very early morning for us.  
Check out that belly... No concern for being too skinny anymore.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Nine Months Old

Weight:  21lb 4.7oz (75%)- Yes that's right... from 10% at 4 months to 75% at 9 months
Height:  27.5 inches (50%)
Head:  45 cm (25%)
I know I say this every month, but, Where has the time gone?  Nine months already!  Here's what he can do...
-  He can crawl.  He started at 8 months 3 weeks and is everywhere now.  People always told me that it was nice when their kids started crawling because then they could follow them when they left the room.  Not so for Noah... As soon as I leave the room, he goes for the nearest outlet or plant.  I can't wait until he starts walking!
-  He is not a big vegetable fan.  He is doing better now, but for a stretch he would spit every time we gave him vegetables.  It was the first time we have really had to get on to him.  I do not look forward to disciplining, but I guess it is a necessary evil.
-  He can drink from a cup, but usually half of it ends up down the front of his shirt.  He thinks he is pretty big though when he does it.  
-  He loves bananas.  Pretty much the only time he throws a fit or gets upset is when he feels like we have not given him enough banana.
-  He naps well now.  He sleeps about 1.5-2 hours in the morning and afternoon.
-  He claps all the time.  Any time he does something that he feels is an accomplishment, he stops and starts clapping and waits for us to do the same.  Whenever we say "Yea" he immediately starts clapping.
-  He LOVES Rudy.  He loves grabbing Rudy's hair.  He also squeezes Rudy's rubber ball and then laughs when Rudy starts barking at him.  He will then barely hit the ball away from him in an attempt to throw it.  Rudy likes Noah also, but not quite as much.
-  He has pretty much stopped nursing.  I try each feed, but most of the time he does it for a few seconds and then wants his bottle.  I think this would have upset me had it not been such a long saga, but as it is, I am happy for a healthy chubby boy even if that means it comes from formula and not me.
-  He continues to love going to bed at night.  Whenever we pull his pajamas out at night he gets really excited.  Once we put them on him, he lies on the floor and kicks for a while, laughing and spitting.  Then he takes his bottle and goes to sleep.
-  He can wave.  He usually does it with both hands for good measure.
-  When he gets really excited, he clenches his both fists, his eyes get really big, and he shakes all over.  

First Halloween

The spider and his web.