Friday, February 4, 2011

The Best of TImes, The Worst of Times...

My how time flies. I can't believe that Noah is two... until he goes limp and throws himself on the floor screaming because we told him not to run away. :) Other than that, it is hard to believe. Two is an interesting age, and I hear it only becomes more so. One minute, he is the cutest thing ever and I LOVE spending time with him. The next he is driving me crazy and I am on the verge of giving him away (not really, maybe). He definitely keeps us on our toes and makes us laugh.
- He talks ALL THE TIME. When he was 18 months, a friend of mine asked if she and the other developmental pediatrician fellows could practice doing testing on him. He did great on the problem solving part, but when it came to the speech part, he was finished. He wanted nothing to do with any of it and therefore would not perform. The attending was convinced that his speech was delayed (my friend knew he was fine) and was giving me tips on how to help him. Oh if she could see/hear him now. He never stops talking. And he repeats EVERYTHING. We have realized the phrases that we say frequently by listening to him. It is really quite hilarious to hear a two-year-old say, "Hmm, let's see here."

- He LOVES to be outside and cries everytime you come in regardless of how long you have been out. At the playground we go to, he loves to go down the "big slide." He always says he wants to go down the tunnel slide, but when you try to get him to actually go down it, he says "No, no tunnel."
- He LOVES animals of any shape, form, or fashion and he is not afraid of any of them. We have a turtle that lives in our flower bed. He loves to go pick him up and move him around the yard. Brian and I were a little more skiddish about picking up the turtle, but fearless Noah has no problem with it.

- Speaking of being fearless, he has actually started talking about how things scare him. We had our fireplace converted from gas to wood-burning. While the men were here with all the loud equipment, he said to me "I'm scared of those guys." Prior to that, I had never heard him speak of fear and don't know that he even knew what it was. Crazy how you learn to be fearful.
- He is a very picky eater... still. He loves mac and cheese, spaghetti, and "Yellow rice rice baby" (got that from his Dad). He will eat some vegetables and most fruits. He does not like foods to be mixed which unfortunately rules out most casseroles... Thanks for making my life easy Noah. :)

- He is still a good sleeper. He is in his toddler bed now and loves it. He rarely gets up, but I think part of that is that he still gets his pacis in bed. We are rather fearful of how his sleeping habits may change once the pacis are taken away. For now, he sleeps about 11 hours at night (8-7ish) and takes about a 2 hour nap. He will come into our room sometimes before seven, but is pretty good about going back to his room if it is too early.
- His favorite things to sleep with are a few stuffed animals (dog, big dog, polar bear and cookie monster), but most importantly, "big bus" and a flashlight. And of course his pacis...
- His favorite things to play with right now are balls, cars, trucks, sticks, trains, drums, blocks, and his Little People barn and animals. You think he is a boy?
- He is definitely a ham. He loves being the center of attention of a big group. Not sure where that came from... certainly not his mother.

Brian and I pray for patience daily. I feel like some days (a lot days), Noah spends more time in 'time out' than out. But it is that spirit that makes him so much fun too. We love him more than I ever would have imagined possible and thank God for him constantly (in between patience prayers:) ). I sadly did not take any pictures of him at his two year doctor's visit, but here are his stats:
Weight: 31lbs 7.4oz (14.3kg, 75-90%)
Height: 92.5cm (3ft, 90%)
HC: 50.5cm (75-90%)

Esther Claire Hughes makes her Grand Entrance

Thursday, February 3, 2011. I go to the doctor for an appointment hoping he will check me and say, "Wow, you're 6 cm. We better get you to the hospital." Sadly that was not the case. I was 3cm, the same as I was the week before... Are you serious?!?! No change??? Not to worry. My doctor stripped my membranes (again) and got rid of all my plug and said, "I would be surprised if you didn't go into labor in the next 72 hours. " We left the clinic and as we were getting onto the elevator at 4:18, I had my first contraction. They kept coming fairly regularly, but were not that strong and 10 minutes apart. We ran some errands and then came home to make some dinner (tacos). While making dinner, the contractions all of a sudden started coming more frequently (4-6 minutes) and stronger so we decided to head to the hospital. By the time we pulled into the parking deck at 7:20, the contractions were every 1-2 minutes and VERY strong.
We made it to L&D and got put in triage where the tech didn't seem to think that a contraction every minute with me screaming and writhing in bed was anything to take seriously. Thankfully one of friends from residency was on call for Neonatology. She took one look at me and ran to get my doctor who just happened to be on call that night. He checked me and I was 8 cm. He tried to hurry everything along... Told them to get me in a room and call Anesthesia for my epidural (Yeah right). The resident came into do an ultrasound to get a weight estimate and got an earful from me... Something about how I didn't care how much the baby weighed. And that she was coming out regardless. Ten minutes after my doctor had checked me, I started feeling lots of pressure. The tech, still not impressed, told the nurse, "She SAYS she's feeling pressure." The nurse rechecks me and responds with, "That's because she is complete." Still in triage at this point.
They rushed me across the hall to the nearest room where I can hear my doctor say,"If we don't get her on the bed now, we are going to have to deliver this baby on the gurney." Awesome. I crawl onto the bed, which turns out to be broken. They can't get it to break down. They wheel the cart in and everything starts falling off of it. My doctor lifts up the sheet on me to check me and lo and behold there is the head... He throws on a pair of gloves (no time for anything else), sits down on the end of my bed and says ever so calmly, "Julia if you feel like you need to push, go ahead." Two pushes, my water breaks. Three pushes, out she comes sans epidural, IV, and monitor at 8:05.
We were in a state of shock. We have another baby?!?! Just 45 minutes ago we were driving to the hospital. An hour ago, we were sitting down to eat tacos. What just happened??? We called our parents to tell them the news and they did not believe us until they heard her crying. She did great, APGARS 9 and 9. She weighed 7lb, 4 oz and was 20 inches long.

The next morning my Mom came over, there was snow and ice and she was worried about driving in the dark, and some friends brought Noah up to the hospital. He was so excited to meet his baby sister.
He wanted to hold her the whole time... and did not want anyone else, other than Brian and I, to have a turn.
Our new family of four...
It was a crazy whirlwind delivery. Probably not how I would have chosen to do it, but it ended up being good. It was painful, but then it was over before we really knew what was going on. Hopefully, if there is a number three, we can get to the hospital with a little more time, and hopefully... The rest of her life will not be quite as dramatic as her beginning. :)