Thursday, March 20, 2014


Definition: putting all your kids, including your six month old, on bean bags in front of the TV so that you can try to fold the 17 loads of laundry in the background. At least they are all clothed (even if it's in pajamas) and fed. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Funny conversations...

Me: Esther why is your jacket in a plastic bag in your backpack? 
Esther: Because Mommy, I went poopoo at school and I was wiping and I got it on my hands and so I wiped them on my jacket. 
Of course you did. 

Noah: Daddy, I know about everything on the whole world.
Brian: I don't think so buddy. I don't even know everything in the whole world.
Noah : Yes I do Daddy.

Sometime later...
Noah: Actually Daddy, I know everything about the whole world except one thing.
Brian: What's that? 
Noah: Construction sites.
Brian: How come?
Noah: Because I don't know where they put the cranes or the bulldozers. But I know everything else about everything in the whole world. 

Noah: Daddy, is the Eiffel Tower a long way away? 
Brian: Yes. Do you know where it is? 
Noah: Yeah Daddy. Parich Ranch!