Monday, March 10, 2014

Funny conversations...

Me: Esther why is your jacket in a plastic bag in your backpack? 
Esther: Because Mommy, I went poopoo at school and I was wiping and I got it on my hands and so I wiped them on my jacket. 
Of course you did. 

Noah: Daddy, I know about everything on the whole world.
Brian: I don't think so buddy. I don't even know everything in the whole world.
Noah : Yes I do Daddy.

Sometime later...
Noah: Actually Daddy, I know everything about the whole world except one thing.
Brian: What's that? 
Noah: Construction sites.
Brian: How come?
Noah: Because I don't know where they put the cranes or the bulldozers. But I know everything else about everything in the whole world. 

Noah: Daddy, is the Eiffel Tower a long way away? 
Brian: Yes. Do you know where it is? 
Noah: Yeah Daddy. Parich Ranch!

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