Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Merry Christmas!

We went this past weekend to get pictures taken with Santa. Noah wanted to dress like Santa. Esther originally wanted to wear her full Tinkerbell costume, but substituted in the reindeer pajama shirt that she found. I love their creativity and independence. I think it tends to make our job as parents a little more difficult at times, but I think life any other way would almost be boring. Merry Christmas!

Pride comes before the fall...

I have always prided myself on my children not ever having cut their hair. I mean how hard is it anyway? Just keep the scissors out of their reach people. It's not that difficult. God must have decided I needed some humbling because today I definitely had to eat my words.
I have been meaning to cut Noah's hair for a while now and just haven't made the time for it. He has a Christmas program at school tomorrow so I decided I should finally get around to it. I set the kit on the table, pulled out the clippers, and began. Things were going really well (he is not the easiest haircut in the world), and then from behind I heard the scissors snip. I jerked around only to see that Esther had cut a huge chunk of hair off the back of her head. I screamed and almost started crying which I think may have scared her because she immediately started cleaning all the hair up (as if that was what I was upset about). She had been mad at me for not cutting her hair and I guess she just decided to take matters into her own hands. Noah asked her why she cut her hair, and she very proudly said, "I was taking my haircut!"
People have told me this morning that it will grow back, which it will, but it has taken three years to get where it is now. So maybe by the time she is halfway through kindergarten, it will be back to normal. Awesome. I pray that someday her strongwilledness and determination will be used for good and that all the struggles she puts us through will be worth it. And I truly pity the man who falls for her. He is in for a ride. Haha! :)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A good day

Today was a good day. It had some fun and funny moments. We started the day going to the store to pick put a little tree for the kids' room.
After that we ate a quick lunch and then went to drop Noah off to go see Beauty and the Beast with a friend. Shortly after we got back home, Esther stripped down to her panties (surprise). When I asked her why she took her clothes off she said, "Because I was cold and I needed to wrap up in this blanket." Duh Mom! :) Then they took naps while I folded laundry (fun!).
Tonight I attempted to make a turkey pot pie with dressing crust with all the Thanksgiving leftovers. It smells good. Hopefully it tastes as good as it looks and smells. While I was cooking Thomas managed to get a box of cereal out of the cabinet and dump it all out on the floor. Why do I even attempt to try to make dinner?

Monday, December 2, 2013

Two months

She's actually two and a half months now, and I finally feel like life with Eve is starting to become more of a routine. For the first two months she would cry and we had no idea why. Hungry? No. Dirty? No. Tired? No. Not sure about your new family? Understandable, but nothing we can do to change that. :) We just felt helpless the whole time not knowing what to do and feeling like by the fourth kid we should know what to do. And then something happened around two and a half months. She stopped crying. She is sleeping better (goes down around, wakes up once during the night around 3-5, and then goes back to sleep until around 8), eating better (takes four ounces 6 times a day), and not crying unless she is dirty or hungry for the most part. She has her moments where the crying confuse your parents Eve comes out, but for the most part she is doing great. She smiles a lot and is trying to become a thumb sucker. I have tried to stop it, but I think it may be inevitable. She is constantly working on getting that thumb in her mouth. The kids love her and now it's as if she was always there. We love you baby and can't wait to watch you grow!