Friday, October 25, 2013

Pizza and movie night

Tonight we had homemade pizza and movie night. We watched Peter Pan for the first time. At the end of the movie, Noah said, "hey Dad, Peter Pan saved the day." He loved it! A fun time was had by all... Except maybe Eve.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

One month

Esther got out of bed tonight saying she needed to go teetee. She went potty then went back up to bed. A couple minutes later she came back down.
Me: Get back in your bed.
Esther: my tummy hurts.
Me: your tummy hurts? Do you need to go potty? go potty or get back in bed.
Esther: I need to go potty
Me: are you going poopoo or teetee?
Esther: teetee
Me: you just went. You need to get back in bed.
Esther: I need to go poopoo.
Me: if poopoo does not come out of your bottom, you will get a spanking for lying.
Esther: um, I don't need to go potty.

She is a mess!

The top picture is her getting ready to go to the car so we can go through the chick fil a drive thru. We weren't even planning on getting out of the car, but she still had to bring all this stuff. The second picture is her dressed to go eat at BlueCoast Burrito. She is definitely one of a kind. :)

Noah's rules and planets

Noah's rules that he just shared with me:
1. Don't get out of bed
2. God is our father
3. Don't not eat your food and then say your hungry later
Good words to live by. :)

Noah has recently been very interested in the planets. The other day he was trying to teach Esther all the names.

Noah: and that one is Uranus
Esther: myanus
Noah: no, no, no. UR-anus
Esther: yeah, myanus
Noah (getting very frustrated): NO ESTHER! It's URanus
Esther: yep. Myanus.

Here he is with the solar system he made out of playdough. The stacking rings are the rings around Saturn and Uranus. :)