Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My First Mother's Day!

So again, it's a little late...My first Mother's Day was a few weeks ago, and I have had these pictures loaded in for some time, but am just now writing about it.  We spent the weekend at Gram and Grampa's house.  

I think Noah enjoyed the attention, and judging by that expression, I am pretty sure he loves the new hat that they gave him.  It will come in handy this summer.

We all spent Sunday afternoon at my Grandmother's house. 
Gram with her Grandkids

Dallas made Gram T-shirts for the girls and a Onesie for Noah.  I don't have a picture of Noah with his, but here are the girls.

Nora and GiGi

Elyn on the phone

Noah's onesie has a lightning bolt instead of a heart per Brian's request.
My brother and sister-in-law brought their Baby Bjorn for us to borrow.  What a wonderful invention.  Noah loves it!  It has made shopping so much easier.  No more carrying the car seat into the store and trying to fit it and my groceries into the cart.

Our little family.
Afterward, Brian gave me a Wii Fit for Mother's Day.  I am loving it.  It is a little upsetting to watch my Mii grow, but quite motivating.  What a great First Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Car Seats

Guess who graduated out of his infant insert on the car seat?!?!  This boy!

Brian and I got the ol' car seat manual out this past weekend to look something up and discovered that the infant insert is supposed to be removed when they reach 11 pounds.  Oops, he's over 12.  Guess we should have read that earlier.  I went ahead and read the rest of the manual so that there would be no more surprises.  Here is a picture of one of his first ventures in the seat.
Think he's bigger?  I guess that hour of feeding every three hours is doing something.  Glad to know I am not wasting my time.  One insert gone, one to go.  I think we'll keep the head insert at least until he has better head control.