Monday, April 12, 2010

Noah's New Love

That's right.  It is a pair of hand-me-down blue fish sandals.  He thinks they are pretty much the coolest thing in the world.  Every morning when he wakes up, the first thing he does is find the sandals and bring them to me to put on him.  

He tends to bring them one at a time.
He wears them all day long except for during naps when I take them off of him.  But after he wakes up, they go back on.  

Finally last night we had to wash them because they were starting to smell.  I don't know what it is about them that he loves so much.  I think it is a combination of wearing shoes that he can still see his toes in and the fact that they have fish on them.  
I guess his cousin Solomon likes them too.
Whatever it is, I think they are here for the rest of the summer.  

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Animals, Sticks, and Eggs

A couple weeks ago, we went to the zoo with several of my friends and their kids.  I wasn't sure how Noah would do.  He loves playing with animals at home, but I didn't know if that would translate over to those at the zoo.  He loved it!  There were times that he was fussy due to fatigue and not understanding why he couldn't always be out of his stroller running amongst the people and animals, but for the most part he did great and loved all the animals.  

Watching one of the elephants bowl.

The trainers brought them over to the fence and let us pet them.  It was so cool.  They are much rougher than I expected.
Pretty proud of himself after petting the elephant.

The crew, minus one adult and two children.

Exchanging pacifiers.  They are about five weeks apart.  It was so funny to see them interacting together.
Trying to pet the furry little donkey things through the fence.  This was one of his favorites.
Watching the ducks and turtles.  

Sadly, I did not get a picture of him looking at the giraffes.  They have always been his favorite animal at home and they did not disappoint in real life.  He was very excited.
Last weekend was a great weekend.  It was our first Easter together as a family- Brian was gone last year- and we enjoyed every moment of it.  Saturday morning we went to the park for a little bit, came home, Noah napped, and then went to our church's Easter egg hunt.  I am not sure what I expected of Noah, but I figured maybe he would get at least a couple of eggs... Yeah right.  He started off well, walked a few feet, and then found a stick.  

There was no chance for egg hunting after the stick was found.  Notice the asphalt- that is where he started.  He made it FAR!
He finally ditched the stick and we felt sure he go for the brightly colored eggs full of candy on the ground.  He made it a few more steps and found a cup.  
By the time he finished playing with the cup, all the eggs were gone.  Oh well.  Brian took pity on him and gave him an egg, which he loved.  If only he had discovered how cool they were just a little bit earlier. 

Noah, still holding the egg, and his cousin Solomon.
Overall, the egg hunt was a huge success.  It was such a pretty day and all the kids had fun and got a lot of candy.
Sadly I didn't get very many pictures of Eater day.  I got a few of him looking at his Easter basket, but had a hard time getting him to stand still long enough to get a good picture of him in his clothes.  I think overall the basket was a hit.  

The only time I could get him still long enough to take a picture before church was when he was trying to play with Rudy.  The two of them are so funny together.  
I didn't even think to get a family picture on Sunday.  Maybe on his third Easter we will all be together and actually think to take a picture of it.