Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hand Foot and Mouth and Baby Doggie

Our kids look leprous. They have Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease. We had some friends over for dinner a couple of weeks ago. THat night their daughter got sick. Three days later, Esther did. Then three more days later, Noah did. Our kids were kind enough to pass it along to some other friends' kids and there parents. So now almost every baby and toddler at church has had it. THey really did pretty well. They each had a couple rough days and nights and then they were fine... Minus the blisters and sores ALL OVER their faces, hands, and feet. So for the last week, they have felt fine, but we couldn't really do much because we didn't want to pass our cooties on to even more innocent children. Noah feeling well + being cooped up in the house = Noah going crazy = Mom going crazy. :) Thankfully their leprosy is almost gone now and we will be able to venture out.

Baby Doggie... Noah has never really been attached to a stuffed animal. I have given him stuff to sleep with, but he has never really cared. He has always preferred to sleep with cars and aiplanes (very cozy I know). Well a couple of weeks ago, I left his stuffed dog and pillow at my friend's house who keeps them on Mondays. No big deal. He doesn't really care about the dog anyway, right? WRONG. Ever since that day, he will not go anywhere without the dog, lovingly referred to as Baby Doggie. Baby Doggie is a girl, which I think bothers Brian a bit, but I figure the only baby he is around that much is a girl so it makes sense. We'll see if it is just a phase or if his love for Baby Doggie sticks. :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mother's Day Out

Noah started going to Mother's Day Out one morning a week this semester. The picture above was him on our way to school. Not too excited. That morning I told him it was time to go to school and he looked at me and said in the most pathetic voice, "I not want to go to school. I want to stay here and clean the floor." One, I'm not sure what he is talking about. No I do not make my 2 year old scrub the floor. Two, as tempting as that sounded, we had alreadu paid a deposit. Cheapness won out and we loaded up and headed to school. He greadually got excited on the way there... Until it was time for the drop off. He ran inside so excited and then flipped when it came time to go in his classroom. He flopped on the ground and started screaming. They had to scoop him off the floor, drag him in, and then promptly told me to leave. Thus not a lot of pictures. :( When I picked him up that afternoon, he was pretty happy and they said he was great. The next week was a completely different story. Still not too excited on the way, but once we got there he was ready. He walked right into his classroom and said, "Mommy you leave. You not come in here." I told him I had to come in to bring his stuff in and he responded again with, "No, you leave." 2 years old and already too big for his Mom. Today was the fourth time he went to MDO. Last night he was so excited about going. What a blessing that his independence won out over his rigidity and resistance to change.