Thursday, April 30, 2009


** Again this is a week late.  Sorry.  I started it last week, but then did not have a chance to finish it until now.  Maybe one of these days I will actually write about things when they occur.

Papa and Noah (Tuesday, April 21, 2009)

This past weekend was a time of joy and sadness.  My Papa died last Friday and went to be with God in Heaven.  He was a wonderful man who loved his God and his family more than anything.  He was very witty, funny, thrifty, practical, but most of all loving.  He lived for 93 years and was married to my Grandma for 68 of those.  This weekend the entire family gathered to celebrate his life.  We laughed and cried and just spent time together remembering.  Here are some pictures of the weekend.
Grandma and Noah (23rd Great Grandkid)

Grandma and the Sons

The Grandkids (minus one)

The Great Grandkids (minus several)

Greats and Grands (minus one grand and several greats)

Noah did great the whole weekend.  Unfortunately, this is how he took most of his naps (in our arms) making the next week a bit difficult.  There were a lot of tears shed at nap times the next week.

My siblings and I stopped by their old house.
Goodbye Papa!  We love you, miss you, and can't wait to see you again!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Noah's First Easter

Here is an old post that I started obviously a while back and am just now getting the chance to finish it.  Sorry.

The Easter season began last week for Noah when he received a package in the mail from his cousins, Nora and Elyn.  Inside the package was a card which I regretfully do not have a picture of to show you, but there was also a bunny.

I am pretty sure he loves it. Thanks Nora and Elyn!!  His Gram had bought him an Easter outfit, which regretfully did not fit thanks to his lankiness.  Unfortunately I did not try it on him until Saturday so his Aunt Beth and I went shopping that day for an outfit.  Here he is:

Isn't he cute!  Here is the hat that Gram bought- pretty funny.

Aunt Beth came to town for the occasion

And where was his Dad you ask...
I am sure he will make it for Noah's next first Easter. :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's Official

I finally witnessed the event and have the pictures to prove it.

Way to go Noah!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Colds, Baby Showers, and Rolling Over

Today was a day of several firsts in the Hughes household...
1.  We are all sick right now.  That includes Noah.  I would say that he is handling his first cold quite well thus far.  He has been more fussy for the last couple days, but has had some smiles in there too.  It is rather difficult to hear him cough though, knowing that he has no idea why he is coughing and that I am the one that gave it to him.  Poor guy!
2.  Second first: I went to a baby shower leaving Noah at home with Brian.  Their time together started out smoothly with Noah sleeping.  Then it transitioned to play time- fun for all.  He started fussing a little, but Brian being the astute father that he is took him for a walk to take his mind off the hunger (I didn't pump because I did not think I would be gone that long).  It seemed to work for a while...And then, the crying started.  About this time, I began receiving text messages inquiring of my whereabouts and time of arrival.  I quickly left the shower and called Brian only to hear a screaming baby in the background.  I arrived home shortly after that and fed him.  All was right with the world.  I guess the moral to this story is always pump before going somewhere regardless of how long you think it will take.
3.  On my way home from said shower, Brian asked me, "How old are babies supposed to be when they roll over?"  Seriously!?!?!  I have been with him for almost every moment of his entire life.  I leave for three hours and he decides to start knocking out milestones!  When the initial shock wore off, I asked the question that any mother would have asked, "Did you film it?!?"  The response from the other end of the phone was, "Well, no, I was watching him."  For the rest of the day/night, I tried multiple times to get him to roll over.  Did he perform?  Of course not.  Since I don't have any evidence of this monumental event to show you, I will just share another cute picture.  Enjoy! 

Friday, April 3, 2009

Bumbo Seat

Not quite ready, but hopefully someday soon.  Thank you Beth, Matthew, Dallas, and Aaron for the Bumbo.  We can't wait to use it for real.  And, yes, it is on the couch, but we were standing right there.  He was not left unattended.  

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Favorite Time of Day

Last week when my brother and sister-in-law were here, my sister-in-law, Dallas, suggested we have some tummy time with Noah.  It had been about a week since we had had tummy time because of all the relatives in town wanting to hold him.  Here was his last attempt...

Cute, but not the most stellar of attempts.  I was expecting no more than this on his next attempt.  Low and behold, when Dallas flipped him over, this is what we saw...

Where did that come from?  It did not, however, last too long.  Seconds later he was fading...

And then he face planted.  We didn't think to grab a picture of that, but Dallas was kind enough to get a picture of the aftermath.

It took me holding and consoling him for about 20 minutes to get him over this traumatic experience.  Sorry Noah.  Needless to say, we do a little more abbreviated tummy time now.  Way to go buddy!  You are already getting so big!