Monday, January 10, 2011

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and 2011

I realize I am not the best of bloggers... Okay, I am terrible. I know that Thanksgiving and Christmas have long since come and gone, but I figured I should write about them so that thirty years from now we will have a record of our child's second Christmas, but the first where he really did anything. So here goes my brief recap of the end of 2010 and the start of 2011...

Sadly, I don't have a whole lot of pictures, but we got a few. We spent Thanksgiving at Brian's parents' house. It was the first time since Noah has been old enough to really interact and play with others that he was around his cousins for an extended period of time. It was a bit of adjustment for him, but overall they got along great.
He pretty much wanted to stay outside the entire time. They loved jumping and diving in the leaves.

This picture is slightly disturbing to me, but oh well. They're little right? :) I think Rose was definitely the agressor on that one. :)

Playing in the leaves again...

MawMaw, Mimi, Robert, Aunt LaRhesa and Noah watching TV.

Solomon, Noah, and Rose "eating dinner" while Mimi and Rudy look on.
We had a great time!

This year we spent Christmas with my family at my brother and sister-in-law's new house. We had so much fun! I don't think Noah understood all of what was going on, but he definitely understood getting presents and had fun playing with his cousins. Here are some pictures...

Making cookies for Santa
Eating Santa's cookies
Making pizzas on Christmas Eve.
Brian the master pizza dough thrower. :)
There was an Elmo ornament on the tree that played music. Noah would stare at it and play the music over and over again.
Posing with the stockings and Santa's cookies. Noah is not very happy and Nora and Elyn are very concerned about that.
Noah still upset, but the girls have moved on.
Santa came!
I think he likes it... Except for the Pillow Pet. He made it clear by throwing it down the stairs that he did not want it any where near his bed.
Not the best of pictures, but here is documentation that I was pregnant. Esther Claire to be joining us soon...
One of Noah's favorite gifts... A Charlie Brown ("Charles Bown") shirt. He has wanted to watch Charlie Brown Christmas every day since we showed it to him.
We went outside to play, but didn't stay long because it was so cold. Even Noah did not want to be out.

A couple days later, we all needed to get out so we loaded up and headed to Chuck E. Cheese. Right as we walked in, Chuck himself was there leading a group of kids in some songs. Noah was so excited and joined in. After he finished they threw a bunch of tickets up in the air for the kids to get. Noah quickly joined in and then took his tickets back to Chuck E. Cheese. When Chuck wouldn't take them back, he threw them in the trash can. He didn't quite understand that the tickets were a prize, not trash. He is tidy. :)
We had a great time. It was so good to be with family and so much fun watching Noah get so excited about everything.