Friday, February 14, 2014

Oh Esther...

The other night I told the kids to clean up their toys. Noah promptly jumps up and starts working. Esther just dawdles and finds everything else that she needs to do other than clean. Finally after getting on to her multiple times and putting her in time out, she starts cleaning and really kicks it into gear. This is our conversation that followed. 
Me: Esther, Thank you for cleaning up and having such a good attitude.
Esther (in her sassiest most bossy voice): Mommy do you remember when I was sick and threw up and had to lay on the couch? 
Me: Yes
Esther: Do you want me to do that again?
Me: No
Esther: Then you better stop being mean to me.

Wow. Think we may have to invest in boarding school during the teenage years. Oh Esther, I already know it is going to be a rough few (or ten) years in there, but my prayer is that someday, years down the road, we can be friends again. :) I love you baby. 

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